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Research, Development, Search and Evaluation

Rob Pinnock BSc, PhD has more than thirty five years of drug discovery and development experience resulting in programs successfully transitioning from concept to clinical trials and products.

Formerly, he was a director in external research at Biogen Idec for nearly five years identifying and operating external programs in immunology, psychiatry, neurology and rare disease. This followed three years as a freelance consultant to large and medium Pharma, biotech as well as NFP foundations. Prior to this he worked for several years in external outreach, search, evaluation and due diligence in MSD with a particular focus in the neuroscience and immune-oncology areas.


His previous roles as CSO of a cardiovascular Biotech, nearly two decades in R&D Pfizer, Parke Davis and several years of postdoctoral research enabled him to become an accomplished scientist with deep knowledge of drug discovery and development, accompanied by a high business acumen.  He has acquired an outstanding ability to identify and operationalise emerging scientific opportunities or assets that have the potential to offer breakthrough medicines with essential characteristics of successful candidate therapeutics.  Attaining expertise in engaging scientific leaders across the research ecosystem globally to create a competitive advantage for client Co’s was critical to this success.


His background is in pharmacology and electrophysiology,  he has published over seventy peer reviewed articles as well as several patents between 1979 - 2003.


He received a BSc in Physiology  & Biochemistry (with Chemistry) from the University of Southampton and a PhD in Neuropharmacology also from the same institution. This was followed by postdoctoral positions in the Medical Research Council in Cambridge and AFRC Unit at the Dept of Zoology at the University of Cambridge.

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